Product Description:

Using Nanotechnology to produce Eco-friendly disinfectants without any harsh chemicals or harmful materials.
This is achieved by synthesizing nanomaterials from Natural materials which play a crucial role in enhancing the penetration and disruption of microbial membranes that cause inhibition effect on cell functional properties and eventually causing leakage of the internal contents of the microbial cell leading to death of the microbe.

• These novel nanomaterials exhibit superior antimicrobial abilities, can kill 99.99% of different bacteria without causing any harmful side effect to humans.
• These nanomaterials can be incorporated in many products (hand gel sanitizers, soap, detergents, animal feed, and many more)


The unique power of Nanotechnology that it offers the ability to work near the atomic level to create structures with fundamentally new and superior beneficial physical properties and behaviors compared to any other material.

  • The different Nano forms produced are non-toxic, convenient and controllable.
  • They can be used in different forms (solution, gel and powder) at semi-industrial and industrial levels.
  • No harsh chemicals or alcohol in NanoFib -Tech products, so they are the first of its kind Eco-friendly nanotechnology based disinfectant.
  • NanoFib -Tech offers a solution to a current serious global problem such as COVID-19 pandemic by minimizing bacterial and viral infection and possibly resistant bacteria, that invade surfaces in health care sectors as well as facing the society.
  • NanoFib -Tech can be added to any existing products (detergents, textile, animal feed, etc).

NANOFIB-TECH is the future of hygiene.

Drug fact:

NanoFib-Tech Disinfectant Size: 1L, 3L, 5L

  • Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides, quaternary ammonium compound
  • Purpose :Disinfectant
  • Warnings
    • For external use only
    • Do not use
  • in the eyes
  • over large areas of the body
    • Stop use and ask a doctor if
  • Irritation, sensitization, or allergic reaction occurs. These may be signs of a serious condition.
  • condition gets worse or lasts more than one week
    • Keep out of reach of children.If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away. Do not induce vomiting.
    • Directions
  • do not use undiluted product
  • clean the affected area
  • dilute 1 tablespoonful (15mL) in 10 oz. (300 mL) of water
  • apply to affected area and cover with gauze or bandage
  • at room temperature 20-25°C

Inactive Ingredients: Acetic acid, water